In 1948, a 10-year-old boy named Manny Leaf emigrated to the United States following five years mostly as a refugee in Poland, Estonia, Russia and Germany. He spoke no English, like his parents, and carried only a few possessions to his new life. By dint of hard work and an unflagging spirit, Manny soon learned the new language at school, and thrived. By age 15, he had the largest route for a Paterson newspaper, delivering 100 newspapers each day.

When he was 17, Manny attended night school at Rutgers, taking a day job at a CPA firm. He graduated from college in three-and-a-half years, and passed the CPA exam on his first try. This, he proudly informed many people he met, afforded him the distinction for a short period of being the youngest CPA in the state of New Jersey.

Shortly after graduating from Rutgers, Manny joined a firm that turned out to be the incubator for what is now Leaf Saltzman. Today, Leaf Saltzman is a firm that includes about 50 employees spanning nearly half a century. Above all, Manny Leaf valued hard work and creativity, and the importance of nurturing and mentoring. Those values he held dear took root in our firm as it grew and expanded into its current incarnation, and are treasured to this day by our members.

To all who work and have worked here at Leaf Saltzman, he is the father of one, the friend to more, the mentor to many and a founder to all of us. This page is a tribute to Manny Leaf.