Forensic Accounting

Leaf/Saltzman has the experience you need assisting companies with research and financial analysis in situations where fraud is suspected.

We combine our intuitive ability and “street smarts” with our knowledge of business financial systems to complete our investigations competently and efficiently. We can identify questionable accounting transactions, analyze insurance claims, and search for unreported income and assets. Our convincing and reliable expert witness testimony has helped our clients get the justice they deserve.

Our forensic accounting services include:

  • Investigation of theft of company assets and resources
  • Quantification or fraud losses
  • Examination of bribery and corruption matters
  • Analysis of transaction flows
  • Litigation support
  • Records examination and reconstruction
  • Convincing expert witness testimony
  • Divorce accounting
  • Investigation of financial reporting irregularities
  • Insurance claims analysis
  • Searches for unreported income and assets
  • Investigation of purchasing fraud and kickback schemes
  • Examination of bribery and other corruption matters
  • Analysis of accountants’ work papers and programs